You Need a Left Brain!

You're an artist and you may be technically savvy... but most aren't. Wouldn't you rather be creating than stuck behind your computer and all the technology that comes with it? You're in luck - we've got resources to help you spend more time in your studio.

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We get you left-brainers, probably because we're a mix of both sides. It's not always easy deciding on the right path. A free 30 minute convo can set you on an easier path.

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Artist Websites

You've got a site but it lacks functionality and doesn't really reflect your artistic vision. You need someone reliable to straighten things out. Let's chat and see how we can help.

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Managed Content

Keeping up with content and social media is a hassle! Use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and beyond? We update your online spaces so you can get back where you belong... your studio.

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Florida Wax

This group of artists had a site but they had a hard time keeping it up to date. After a site restructure and a custom artist entry system each artist has their own page and they can promote group shows. We host and manage the site ongoing.

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Shelley Jean

Shelley Jean is an artist and artist instructor for R&F Paints. She came to us with a site in Squarespace but struggled with maintaining the site and all the things she had to do to promote and keep up. We help her do just that.

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Lisa Myers

Lisa is a mixed media artist and business owner. Her passion is to paint, not to manage websites. She hired us to remake her brand, get her into a dynamic CMS with eCommerce and retains us for hosting, maintenance and content updates.

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Laura Phillips

Would you rather have an artist working on your site or a faceless conglomerate? Let's face it, being a techie and owner has its perks. Over 20 year experience. Logo, website design, and eCommerce.

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Michele Renaud

Michele came to us with an existing WordPress site. She has some technical chops but needed help massaging the layout a bit. She comes to us as needed. Oh and we created her logo.

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Nancy Penner Art

Nancy came to us with from the FASO platform where she struggled to maintain her catalog. We created a brand for her, moved her to a more user friendly CMS and organized her site.

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