You Need a Left Brain!

You're a performer and you may be technically savvy but... Wouldn't you rather be doing what you do instead of sitting behind your computer dealing with all the technology that comes with it? You're in luck - we've got resources to help.

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We get you left-brainers, probably because we're a mix of both sides. It's not always easy deciding on the right path. A free 30 minute convo can set you on an easier path.

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Artist Websites

You've got a site but it lacks functionality and doesn't really reflect your artistic vision. You need someone reliable to straighten things out. Let's chat and see how we can help.

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Managed Content

Keeping up with content and social media is a hassle! Use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and beyond? We update your online spaces so you can get back where you belong... your studio.

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Screenshot of Lisa Myers Art Website

Budding Actress

Riley performs all around town and she wants to have a more comprehensive calling card for prospective jobs. The site is simple but effective.

Screenshot of Lisa Myers Art Website

A One Page Resume

Brad performs in the board room. Sure, he's not an actor or musician but he needed a one page resume. We showed off his best features.

You have 30 minutes to pick a right left brain... for FREE.