You Need Optimized Hosting!

The last thing you want to worry about is the health of your website. That's why when it comes to hosting you can leave those worries to us. We're proactive when it comes to security, performance, and recovery.



Preventative security not only protects your site from having issues, but it protects your visitors and their data.


Performance is a big deal. It's an actual SEO metric. Beyond the code of the site, the servers must be ready to perform.


We're not just talking outages, we're talking accidents, taking a trip in history to right a wrong, and all the in-between.



Sites are generally attacked by automated robots daily if not hourly. It's the measures you put into place to stonewall them as best as possible that will keep your site healthy.

Server Side

We prefer domains live behind a firewall like Cloudflare. It's the first line of defense for DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other bad characters lurking in the shadows. But if you need straight get to the IP service, we have you covered.

Server Level:
Security happens at multiple levels, we also have measures in place to capture the bad characters before they attempt to breach your site.

Settings and more settings:
Free SSL certificates, PHP upgrades, settings tweaks and more all go into locking down your website.

WordPress Side

Security report monitoring and developer fixes:
At the site level we ensure that your plugins and WordPress core are kept up to date with the latest releases. We also audit plugins not being used or no longer being supported and will discuss a course of action with you.

Security Scans:
We use a few components to scan and monitor the well being of your website from the server level to uptime monitoring.

User maintenance:
It is recommended you audit your users regularly and enforce strong passwords. We can help enforce strong passwords.



How quickly can your visitors access your website? Is your server optimized to handle the traffic you are getting?

Server performance is crucial for ensuring a fast and reliable website. A slow server can lead to longer load times, poor user experience, and even lost revenue. There are many factors that go into configuring a website and server that is right for your online assets.

Can you use a server geek on your side?

Managed Performance:

  • configuring firewalls
  • managing page and database cache
  • updating software
  • monitoring server resources
  • configuring security settings


Without a recovery plan for your site or server space, you're putting yourself in a tough spot should things go wrong. 

It happens. A plugin was updated and it broke the site. WordPress was updated and broke the site. There's a disturbance in the force, and my site is down!

What matters most is how you recover. That's why not only do we have server monitoring in place to know when something happens, most likely before you do, but also so we we can spring into action with our 3 pronged recovery approach.

3 Way Recovery

Iterative Backups
We create iterative backups based on your editing habits. This means that if something goes wrong, we can turn back time, sometimes within the hour. Did you create a big oops? Submit a support ticket... we've got you.

Off Site Backups
These are highly recommended in case something catastrophic occurs. We will at least have a copy of your site to resurrect. We offer our AWS space for offsite backups and can arrange for backups to your location if you prefer.

Server Backups
We create a complete server backup just in case something goes horrifically wrong. These backups are rarely used, but we have them just in case.

We also offer the most optimal way to prevent outage. With failover we spin up a second server in a different location. The sites are synced on a regular basis and if your main site fails, the failover will take over to negate downtime.