Just like design and development, there are infinite (only slightly exaggerating) options when it comes to web hosting. We've been doing this a long time, and this is what has worked for us and our clients.


To simplify just a little, here are a few more buckets that we like to organize hosting information into.


Preventative security not only protects your site from having issues, but it protects your visitors and their data.


Performance is a big deal. Google uses it as an SEO metric. Beyond the code of the site, the servers must be ready to perform.


We're not just talking about outage, we're talking accidents, taking a trip in history to right a wrong, and all the in-between.


Sites are generally attacked by automated robots daily if not hourly. It's the measures you put into place to stonewall them as best as possible that will keep your site alive.

Server Side

We prefer our domains live behind a firewall like CloudFlare. They are the first line of defense DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other bad characters lurking in the shadows.

Server GUI
We use Gridpane as an active interface to our servers. If you wish to read the details of the security measure put in place by default be our guest.

Settings and more settings
Free SSL certificates, PHP upgrades, settings tweaks and more all go into locking down your website.

WordPress Side

Monitor security reports and developer fixes
At the site level we ensure that your plugins and WordPress core are kept up to date with the latest releases. We also remove plugins not being used and monitor those that are no longer being supported. If we can replace them we will.

Security Scans
We use a few components to scan and monitor the well being of your website.

User maintenance
It is recommended you audit your users regularly and enforce strong passwords. We can help.


Performance affects how quickly your visitor can access the information on your website. It's important for your SEO rankings as well. Beyond the development part of this topic are items put into motion by the server.

Cloverjet primarily deploys VPS servers through Digital Ocean. Here we partition clients into discrete virtual environments (droplets). This allows us to scale easily so your server space can grow with you.


It happens.

  • A plugin was updated and it broke the site.
  • WordPress was updated and broke the site.
  • My site was hacked and now it's down!
  • There's a disturbance in the force, and my site is down!

Iterative Backups
We create iterative backups. This means that if something went wrong, chances are recovery can happen swiftly. Put a support ticket in and we got ya.

Off Site Backups
These are highly recommended in case something catastrophic occurs. You will at least have a copy of your site to resurrect.

We also offer the most optimal way to prevent outage. With failover we spin up a second server in a different location. The sites are synced on a regular basis and if your main site fails, the failover will take over to negate downtime.

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